COD Mobile -CODM Redeem Code September 2021 Call of Duty Redemption

Hello friends who are looking for Call of Ducty Mobile Redeem Codes that work actually ? so you are right place here.

You can follow this article to find out how to activate the Call of Duty Mobile codes that you can get exchanged for COD points, weapon skins, premium pass points, character and other exclusive items.


List of all the Call of Duty Mobile redeem codes

As now today Developers of the game are upgrading the game with new features and rewards now and then. and Recently creators upgraded the game with new update called Call of Duty – Blacks Ops Cold War. Each month, so you can got new code here and official website also

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COD redeem code September 14 2021

New active redeem codes for Call of Duty Mobile

BMTUZBZXUDRedeem this code for x15 Purple Weapon XP Card (Added on June 15th, 2021)
BMRNZBZNKCRedeem this code for M16 Alligator Alley Skin 7d (Added on June 13th, 2021)
BMRCZCZ5CSRedeem this code for Neck Crack Emote (Added on June 7th, 2021)
BMRMZBZESARedeem this code for Man O War Tiger’s Eyes 7d (Added on May 29th, 2021)
BLIKZCZNCMRedeem this code for DLQ33 Black Lime Skin
BLMLZCZH66Redeem this code for M4 – MINOTAUR Skin (7d) (Added on April 9th, 2021)
BJUOZBZCCPRedeem this code for RUS-79U Insulated Skin (Added on April 9th, 2021)
BKGUZCZ7G8Redeem this code for M4 Head Trauma (Added on April 4th, 2021)
BLFUZBZTXSRedeem this code for Celebrate Crate (Added on April 4th, 2021)
BLILZCZ5UERedeem this code for Sharp Edges Crate (Added on April 3rd, 2021)
BKHDZBZ7U5Redeem this code for BY15 Sight Unseen Skin and 2H Double Weapon XP Card (Global) (Added on March 26th, 2021)
BJUMZBZEWERedeem this coupon code for Whatever emote (Added on March 22nd, 2021)
BJMJZCZ98HRedeem this coupon code for AK-47 Trail and Error skin (Added on March 19th, 2021)
BJMIZCZ9QDRedeem this coupon code for AK-47 Trail and Error skin (Added on March 19th, 2021)
BJRLZBZDV8Redeem this coupon code for Close Call emote (Added on March 9th, 2021)
BJUNZBZBUARedeem this coupon code for J358 Aurora Borealis (Added on March 1st, 2021)
BJUCZBZ448Redeem this coupon code for Ak117 Outcast
BJMGZCZRGTRedeem this coupon code for Ak117 Color Burst
BJMMZCZAQSRedeem this coupon code for AK-47 Trail and Error (7d)
BIVJZBZSUQRedeem this coupon code for Don’t Shoot emote
BIFBZBZSC9Redeem this coupon code for the Distraction crate from S6 and nomad skin
FTRHJAMPGRedeem this coupon code for Epic Blueprint, AK 47 Barricade (Global)
BGMTZBZ4BVRedeem this coupon code for SMRS – Dark Light, Backpack1 – Party Area and x1 Epic Weapon XP Card (Global)
BGMVZBZCU8Redeem this coupon code for QQ9 Iridescent gloss (Global)
BGMRZBZ6SHRedeem this coupon code for ATV – Coined & Wirey Frame (Global)

Call of Duty Redeem Codes

Redeem CodeAdded on
BMTUZBZXUDJune 29th, 2021
BMRNZBZNKCJune 29th, 2021
BMRCZCZ8CSJune 8th, 2021
BMRMZBZESAMay 2th, 2021
BLMLZCZH88April 9th, 2021
BJUOZBZCCPApril 9th, 2021
BKGUZCZ8G8April 8th, 2021

Call of Duty Mobile codes (Expired)

As we mentioned above the redeem codes will be valid for only a specific time period. Here is the list of all the expired COD Mobile codes:


How to redeem Call of Duty Mobile codes?

You can follow this instruction a particular process to redeem these codes from the official website of Call of Duty. These steps can help you to go through the CODM redemption process.

Open your Call of Duty game on the mobile and click on the profile section.
Copy the U

  • Open your Call of Duty game on the mobile and click on the profile section.
  • Copy the UID which is present in the Player Profile section in the top left corner.
  • Now visit the Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center whose link is given at the end of this article.
  • Now Enter your UID which you copied earlier and redeem code in the asked sections.
  • Visit the official COD Mobile redemption website
  • Enter your UID and fill out the captcha.
  • Enter the Captcha code to verify that you are a human.
  • Now click on the Submit button.
  • Open the Call of Duty mobile game again and check the in-game mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do COD redeem codes really work?

Yes, the redeem codes will be work they are released by the game franchise itself.

Are these redeem codes release daily?

Yes, Call of Duty redeem codes are available with every day.

Q.  How many times I can use the same redeem code?

One redeem code can be used only once per profile.

Q.  What I can get by using COD redeem codes?

You can get with many rewards including weapon skins and outfits.

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