Gala Games referral codes | Gala Coin referral codes

Today i am sharing with you promo codes and other ways to earn Gala Games rewards and discounts. Gala is a new gaming ecosystem and more GALA Game user can store items, characters, digital rewards, and other attributes on the GALA Blockchain decentralized, immutable record of ownership.

Every user owns the non-fungible token(an”NFT”) in game item on Gala Blockchain. A user can purchase, earns or receives any NFT or digital reward in Smart Contarct Process and outright the NFT and/or digital reward.

What is Gala Coin Price Today Rate ?

Today Current Price of is $0.24149 per GALA. as per Coinbase.

Gala Games referral program Code FAQ

  • Does Gala Games have a referral program?

Yes , you can earn from referral program

  • What’s the sign up bonus on Gala Games (using a referral link)?

You can earn 100 Gala Tokens and a Specal gold Key NFT

  • What is the reward when you refer someone to Gala Games?

You will earn 100 Gala Tokens

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